short for what I learned today… Let’s see. Some stuff I already knew.

1. Five minutes early is ten minutes late.

2. Manage your client’s expectations. Something can’t be all things to all people… Be realistic and their devil’s advocate (in a nice way).

3. Be more thorough. There is a reason that you went over the same situations 100 times in baseball practice – because you need to be prepared for everything and react consistently. This means when you get work back for a client: make sure that the work is consistent with what your expectations are, and what theirs are, to a T. Work completed as a client expects it will yield happy clients.

4. When you make an error, learn from it. Don’t carry the error around with you. That makes you mess up the next play. Learn from it, pay more attention, anticipate differently. The dudes who can’t transfer what they learn in BP to the game are the ones who never get out of indy ball. Make the mistake, adjust, operate with a clear mind, and learn.

I’m done. Categories: sports and who-knows-what.

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